2021 Details Sauvignon Blanc


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If you look closely, you will notice the devil is in the details. The skull label is inspired by the ever-mysterious goat eyes, which are capable of seeing and sensing two things at once. The art conveys the double meaning behind the devil inside. The hieroglyphs tell their own detailed story within the goat’s skull. What do you see?

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The 2021 DETAILS Sauvignon Blanc is crafted from the finest appellations in Sonoma County. With high acids and clean fruit, the 2021 vintage is expected to be a premium vintage in and around Sonoma County.

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2021 DETAILS Sauvignon Blanc is comprised of 100% Sauvignon Blanc 13.8% alcohol. The passion to create an exceptional California wine at an affordable price point was factored into every step of the process.

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The 2021 DETAILS Sauvignon Blanc displays bright aromas of lemon zest, white flowers, and honeycomb.

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The 2021 DETAILS Sauvignon Blanc delivers vibrant flavors of apricots, white grapefruit, melon, refreshing acidity and minerality.

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The 2021 vintage started off with cool days and nights in the
winter months. As the season progressed the weather was
consistently warm with very little heat spikes. The harvest began
1-2 weeks earlier than “normal” years due to the smaller crop size
on the vine. This decrease in berry size led to concentrated flavors
and aromas in the fruit.

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