STORY | Details Wines

All coveted experiences share a common qualitythey delight. Delivering on that premise requires obsessive attention to detail. The beveling of the corners on your phone, the detailed stitching of the leather in your seats, or the flawless alignment of the grains in your dining room table. It is the attention to the smallest detail that matters most.  

That commitment to excellence, without compromise, is what goes into the making of DETAILS wines by Sinegal Estate. We set a challenge to make an exceptional quality wine that was both accessible and great to drink. A quest to stretch winemaking beyond what is possible. To create the impossible. To set a new standard. To realize the ultimate ambition. 

We combine rigorous science and artisan craft into making a wine so special that we dare to call it DETAILS. It comes down to how we artfully source, grow, and handpick the fruit to the analytics that go into optimizing a flavor profile that speaks to all of the senses. 

Every. Single. Step. Is painstakingly fine-tuned to rein in this ensemble of varietals, terroir, and blending to create the ultimate masterpiece. Like the hieroglyphs in our iconic label, each vine possesses a piece of the story. A tale that unfolds like a cherished mystery in your glass. The layers of flavor. The sensual enlightenment of the aromatics on your nose. The mouthfeel on your palate.

The devil may lie in the details, but so does all the passion. We welcome you to join our mission. The more you look, the more you will find yourself in the DETAILS.

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